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Oman khasab tour

Khasab is a quite famous tourist place near UAE, located in the sultanate of Oman. It is also the capital of Musandam peninsula. Fishing harbor, dhow cruise, Portuguese fort, Omani Dhow, Musandam Mountains, etc., are few famous attractions of this tour that are sure to make your experience an enthralling one. If you are travelling by road, then Khasab is only three hours of drive from the Airport of Dubai and is 50 minutes journey by air over fjords from the Muscat. Here you can enjoy the most dramatic sceneries of Musandam Mountains and the highest peak. In this tour you can become familiar with the lifestyle of the Bedouin and fishermen. You can experience the early morning experience of hustle bustle happening in the fishing harbor. You can step into the Khasab fort of Portuguese. You can also, see the historic rock carvings of Qadah village, which is near to the Portuguese fort. So, experience a memorable day cruising with Fjords of Musandam on our specially decorated traditional Omani Dhow, you can make yourself comfortable in this special Dhow where carpets and cushions are placed for comfort. The striking scenes from this Dhow will give your eyes a feast. During this cruise you can explore many villages. This Dhow will be anchored at many places like Telegraph Island. In this telegraphic island one can swim in the crystal clear cool water and there is also, every possibility to see dolphins in the tour.

Musandam Dibba tour

Want to know the Arabian world? We will offer you the panoramic view of Dubai. The majestic landscape, picturesque coastline, wonderful mountain range and the pleasant climate will take your heart forever. Our escorts will pick you from your place in Dubai. They will take you to the most scenic regions of UAE. Be it Sharjah or Umm Al Quwain, you will halt at the most mesmerizing spots to experience the inherent culture of the land. Spend relaxing times at the most enchanting locations amidst nature. You will be taken to the Hajjar Mountains through the tapered trails. The breathtaking beauty of these mountains will captivate you. Soon you will be escorted towards Dibba Harbor where a traditional Omani wooden dhow will be waiting for you. Be prepared to be welcomed with the enchanting décor of beautiful carpets and wonderful throw pillows. You will simply leave your worries behind the moment you set your eyes on the glorious sunshine in the tranquil setting. Revel in the silence or enjoy the banana ride, try your luck at fishing or dip into the emerald green waters and explore the underwater world. This tour will give you the best of both worlds. Musandam is abode to incredible range of fish and marine life. It will take away all your weariness and rejuvenate you.

Love boat Dubai

What is more romantic than exploring the marvellous city of Dubai than with your partner? However, sightseeing the major landmarks and places in Dubai during peak traffic hours can be quite difficult and exhausting too. This is where our Love Boat Tour comes into picture. The Love Boat Tour is a unique way of sightseeing. You get to experience the thrill of wind gushing against you, while you enjoy riding on the boat in the vast ocean. Moreover, you get to see some of the major attractions of the city. The Love Boat tour comes in various packages, and you can choose one that suits your requirements in the best possible way. 90 Minutes Tour: This tour lasts for 90 minutes where you can sit back and relax in the comfortable seats of the boat and view the beautiful Dubai Marina, the amazing Palm Jumeirah, the palatial Hotel Atlantis, the unique structure of Hotel Burj Al Arab and the various lagoons too

Laguna water park

Laguna Water Park is the newest entry in the list of Dubai’s water parks. This brand new water park promises adventure, relaxation and lot of fun. If you want to take a day off from routine or sightseeing (if you are a tourist), this is the place to go. The Laguna Water Park offers exciting things and activities for people of all ages and interests. The Laguna Water Park is divided into four zones: Surf, Splash, Slide and Relax. The park has WaveOz 180 FloRider where both beginners and professionals can go surfing. The Free Fall area has slides that would definitely get your heart pumping. Aqua Play is for both kids and adults who want to play with giant soaker buckets and fun waterslides. On the other hand, the water park has lots of places to relax. The Lazy River, the Pool and the Cabanas are perfect place to unwind and just do nothing. The water park also has several restaurants and cafes as well as stores for shopping.

Kayaking in Dubai

Our kayak trip makes a great choice for those who wish to enjoy Dubai’s unrivaled sights from an extraordinary standpoint on water. Anyone who has completed 16 years can participate in this amazing water activity. Moreover, the paddler’s body weight should be minimum 45 kg and not exceed 100 kg. On this one-hour water adventure, guests can kayak down Dubai’s calm water, admiring the unequaled architectural marvels and scenic views along the way. Regardless of your ability, you can polish up your kayaking skills or even learn to paddle an advanced sea kayak under the professional guidance of our expert team. We offer both single and double kayak tours.

Jetski with transfer

Dubai is flanked by the Arabian Gulf and hence houses some of the best beaches and shores in the world. It is also a great place to indulge in some fun, adventurous and recreational water sports. We offer you the chance of jet skiing in Dubai. We provide a safe and secure environment to have a thrilling jet skiing ride. Moreover, you also get to do some sightseeing in a unique way. We give you jet skiing opportunity to both beginners as well as experts. Give us a call to know more about this experience and to book your slot.

Dubai Parasailing

Trying this exciting aerial activity over the water is a must for adrenaline-junkies who visit Dubai. Parasailing takes the form of a kiting activity wherein a parachute-like wing is drawn behind a speedboat or a personal water craft. The adventure kicks off with a scenic boat ride that would motor out you into the open sea. Head to the launch deck of the boat and get kitted into the parasail harness with the aid of a trained and experienced crew. As the boat speeds up, the parasail will unfurl, gently taking you up to the air. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll reach the maximum height (up to 500 meters). Tranquilly float in the sky and soak up the exquisite views over the Arabian Gulf. After a marvelous ride that lasts for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll descend into the same boat.

Donut ride Dubai

Donut ride is a fun-filled activity which visitors can enjoy during their family vacation in Dubai. It is similar to a banana boat, although it stands out for its unique and brightly colored donut shape. Moreover, contrary to a banana boat, it offers a great sense of security with very less chance of falling out into the water. Regardless of adults or kids or young or old, almost anyone above 10 years can hop aboard this round inflatable boat, which will be drawn by a speedboat or a personal water craft along the beautiful shoreline of Dubai. Depending on your age and unique ride preferences, your donut boat will give you an exhilarating ride, twisting and rotating you in the middle of the sea.

Deep sea cruising

Get smitten by the vastness of Arabian Gulf with our deep sea cruising tour. Witness the enchanting marine life with our upscale cruising vessels. Enjoy the brilliant underwater species and breathtaking sights of Dubai like Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and more. We have a friendly crew to assist you in your sea adventure. Revel with your friends on our cruise and hold the unforgettable memories in your hearts forever. We offer customized packages to enjoy Dubai at its best. You can choose any vessel for your stunning tour. Our consultants are open to discussions and will guide you in picking the right tour. Plan the best sea tour of your life with our team and have the best cruising experience of Dubai. Important Information

Crab hunting

Do you want to try something apart from sightseeing, dining and shopping during your holiday in Dubai? We offer you the opportunity to go crab hunting in the waters of Umm Al Quwain. This is the smallest Emirate city, which is also famous for crab hunting. The crab hunting expedition by us is conducted under the guidance of trained guides. Carried out during evening time, you will be taken in a special boat that has a glass bottom with special underwater lights. You will be guided about the method or way of hunting the crabs. The boat is quite safe, and it is possible to take your kids with you during the expedition. Once you are done with crab hunting, you would enjoy a splendid buffet dinner where you will be served with delicious barbecued crab; yes, the same crabs that you caught! Apart from the experience of crab hunting along with the scrumptious dinner, you can also enjoy the beautiful treats of nature during the trip.

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